We want to make it as easy and cost effective as possible for you to provide your students, staff and colleagues with a diary. Therefore, we have set up this introduction, so you can understand our production process and how we work.

You have sent in your signed order form, but now what ?


Step 1:

Once you have completed and checked all the artwork files for your diary simply email them or share a link for us to download them so we can start the production process.

Please ensure the files you supply us with have been proofread and checked for any spelling errors.

For files larger than 20Mb we suggest using www.WeTransfer.com which is a free service. Alternatively you may use Drive.Google.com or a similar 3rd party service.

If sending Word documents, please also supply a PDF of it as well.

Once we have received your files we will review them and ensure they are in a format that is print ready. We will then send you an initial PDF proof for you to check. If there are any changes to the PDF proof required, simply make the changes to the original files you supplied and email the new files to us. If we have helped prepare the artwork for you, simply notify us of the changes via email, or markup the PDF by adding comments. After receiving the changes we will then adjust our files and supply you with another PDF proof for you check. Once you have approved the PDF proof we then move to step two!

Unfortunately we do not proof your artwork and the onus is on you to ensure it is free of any errors.

Step 2:

Now that your artwork is pre-approved we will prepare a Final Print Ready PDF Proof for you. In the past we would print this out and post it to you, however unfortunately the post system isn’t what it used to be and we now email you the final files for checking. We will also send you a Proofing Form.

The Final Print Ready PDF Proofs are named with your Order Number, Artwork Element and Item Number. We encourage you to print these out at 100% (actual size) for one final check.

No more changes to the artwork will be made at this stage unless they are our fault or are absolutely essential. If it is essential to change something, we can, but charges normally apply. Changes made at this stage may also effect the delivery date of your diary.

If all is OK with the Final Print Ready PDF proofs, simply fax or email back the Proofing Form that would have been sent along with the proofs.

The Proofing Form is expected to be returned within 2 working days.

Once the Final Print Ready PDF Proofs are approved no further alterations can be made.

Step 3:

Now that your artwork is all approved and we are confident there are no mistakes or issues we proceed to print your job.

Once the diary is printed we have one specially bound and sent to you, please keep in mind your entire diary order has already been printed, this is a fast tracked example of the finished product, ie an “Advance Copy”. We send you an “Advance Copy” so you can check that the diary complies with your order prior to it being bound and finished. Assuming all is ok, you are required to fax or email back the “Advance Copy Approval Form”.

Any changes to the advance copy will incur an artwork modification fee and possible reprint charges.

Once we receive your email/fax saying all is ok we then proceed to bind your diaries and package them up ready for delivery.


At the time of sending you the “Advance Copy Approval Form” we will include details for you to confirm for the delivery. These delivery details will be printed on the consignment labels attached to your boxes.

Where possible, please do include a mobile phone number.


You will receive an email when your diaries are ready to be dispatched along with
information of who they are being delivered by and tracking information.


After delivery we will contact you to confirm your diaries were received and that you are happy with them and the service we have provided.

Should you have any queries or require assistance at any time please do not hesitate to contact us!