Student Diaries has partnered with Mastering Behaviour to produce a cost effective and easy to use Wellbeing program for your school!

It is an engaging program students are actually interested in!

“Students with good mental health and wellbeing are clearly better equipped to cope with the everyday demands of school life. On the other hand, learning is inhibited for those students with poor mental health and wellbeing.”

Sawyer, 2000


Two good reasons that wellbeing should be taught in schools are the current flood of depression and the nominal increase in happiness over the last two generations.

  1. The prevalence of depression among young people is shockingly high worldwide. By some estimates, depression is about ten times more common now than it was fifty years ago. Fifty years ago, the average age of first onset was about thirty. Now the first onset is below age fifteen. Depression now ravages teenagers.
  2. Average national happiness studies—which has been measured competently for a half century show the average American, Japanese, and Australian is no more satisfied with life than fifty years ago. (Seligman, 2002)


“Positive education is defined as education for both traditional skills and for happiness. The high prevalence worldwide of depression among young people, the small rise in life satisfaction, and the synergy between learning and positive emotion all argue that the skills for happiness should be taught in school. There is substantial evidence from well controlled studies that skills that increase resilience, positive emotion, engagement and meaning can be taught to school children.”

From Positive education: Positive psychology and classroom interventions by Martin E.P. Seligman, Randal M. Ernst, Jane Gillham, Karen Reivich, and Mark Linkin

Current research shows a strong correlation between social and emotional learning and strong academic performance, lower absenteeism, higher degree of self-control and open-minded, creative thinking.

Evidence is strong for schools to embed formal lessons on:

  • character traits such as persistence, resilience, grit, optimism, gratitude, honesty, kindness loyalty
  • fixed versus growth mindset,
  • habits
  • relationships


Our Wellbeing program includes the complete Mastering Behaviour resources including: Values, Respect, Choices, Attitude, Cyber Safety & Bullying as well as the ‘NEW’ Mastering Wellbeing component to compliment your diary.

The resources are engaging for students and ready to use complete with pastoral care activities, video links, student worksheets and case studies. There are literally hundreds of pages linked and referenced to the 32 reference pages within your diary. The diary pages provide stimulus for the resources and are a handy reference for students and parents alike.

The diary reference pages form the basis for a unique video driven, activity based program that will teach students about themselves, dealing with friends and conflict, group mindset and more.

Cutting edge program . . . . no staff PD needed!

We bring you a unique combination of a diary with supporting  resources including activities, video clips, worksheets and more.

  1. Save TIME: Save staff time by not having to prepare wellbeing units and lesson.
    Ready to print / data project immediately. Ideal for individuals, small and large groups.
    The resource is ready to go!
  1. Save school MONEY: No expensive staff PD required.
    Integrating cost for a whole school well being program is equal to less than 3 days teacher relief of between $1 and $4 per child depending on school size. Excludes diary cost
  1. ENGAGING for students: Student friendly resources – video clip for lesson stimulus.
    Variety of activities that require minimal teacher expertise.


There are 32 diary pages which include 30 topics that have a unit of work incorporating videos and associated activities.

  • Each work unit will satisfy several lessons of pastoral care / wellbeing. Suitable for whole school due to the large volume of resources.
  • Each diary page is referenced and linked to specific pages within the Teacher Resources.
  • Students get access the New Mastering Wellbeing program, as well as Mastering Values, Mastering Cyberbullying and Cybersafety and Mastering Choices resources. [ and 100+ videos]
  • What’s in your head?
  • Neuroplasticity
  • Growth & Fixed mindsets
  • Myers Briggs personality test
  • Mental health; anxiety, stress
  • Habits
  • Resilience
  • Tolerance
  • Grit
  • Gratitude
  • Forgiveness
  • Courage
  • Optimism  & hope
  • Friendship
  • Managing conflict with friends
  • Care
  • Compassion
  • Fair Go
  • Doing your best
  • Kindnes
  • Integrity, honesty
  • Bullying
  • Cyber bullying
  • Cyber safety
  • Gaming
  • Disconnect from technology
  • Study skills
  • Note taking
  • Drugs, legal & illegal
  • Diet & exercise


The Teacher Resources are available in a choice of 3 programs or you may select them all! Below are samples from each of the available resources.

The resources are ideal for use with:

  • Classroom & playground misbehaviour
  • Detention, suspension
  • Restorative, re-thinking classroom


• Topics aligned to the Student Diary reference pages (available without the diary pages also).

• Ideal for Upper Primary to Grade 10

• Approx. 200 pages / 200 YouTube Videos

• 1 Module included: Wellbeing + Option for Diary Pages

Wellbeing (New)
  • Purposely interconnected to “Student Diaries’’

  • 100 + video links and associated activities



• Ideal for Upper Primary & Lower Secondary.

• Many YouTube Video recommendations.

• 3 Modules included: Cyber, Values & Choices.

Cyber Bullying & Cyber Safety
  • Whole school program

  • 25+ relevant, engaging video & lessons

  • Centred on Australian Values Framework

  • Selection of inspiring video to engage students

  • Life skills courses, the facts…how to assist students make choices with drugs, alcohol…



• Ideal for Deputy Principals, Deans of Students, Heads of Department, Year Level Co-Ordinators, Staff and Parents.

• Useful for Detentions and Suspensions

• Restorative / PBL Focused

• 2 Modules included: Attitude & Respect.

  • Restorative, use with students on detention or suspension

  • PBL / SWPBS focus

  • Explicitly teach behaviour


We have included 2 videos from the ‘Bullying’ resource to showcase the caliber of material we source. We are sure students and teachers alike will find our videos engaging.


The Wellbeing program includes 32 ‘reference’ pages for your diary and supporting teacher resources.

Teacher Resources:

Program 1 – $500pa | Program 2 – $350pa | Program 3 – $350pa

Wellbeing Diary Reference Pages:

A5 +$1.95        B5 +$2.25

The license is for 1 year only and sold as a package.
The above prices exclude GST. Not subject to any discounts.
Cost per diary is for the Wellbeing reference section only; diary cost is additional.


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