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The BSEM Student Homework Diary provides your Students with a structured daily reminder of the wellbeing and learning principles at the core of the Berry Street Education Model. It’s still a Diary and retains all the usability you would expect, but with so much more.

We believe there is no better way to reinforce and embed your school’s Positive Education and Wellbeing approach than to echo the core learnings and values from within your Student Diaries.

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Berry Street Diaries


The five domains of the Berry Street Education Model are represented and included throughout the full colour student diary.

The start of each month contains detailed content of the specific domains that should be covered in the following weeks with the students. Instructions on how to implement this content may be found in the BSEM Teacher Diary.

The week to view pages contain activities and questions to be answered throughout the week along with weekly tips and inspiration quotes all relating to the detailed pages at the start of the month.

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  • Character
  • Body
  • Relationship
  • Stamina
  • Engagement
Berry Street Student Diaries


Each student diary is personalised with your own artwork, both on the cover and in your school’s custom content pages.

  • Custom Colour Front Cover – Personalised with your own artwork.
  • Custom Colour Back Cover – Option to customise the back cover with your own artwork.
  • School Content Pages – You decide what to include.
  • Week to View Diary – 1 week over 2 pages, printed in Full Colour with additional informative pages each month.
  • Optional Accessories – Select whether you want to include Plastic Sleeves
  • Minimum Order Quantity is 25
Berry Street Student Diaries


The full Custom Cover ensures that your School Diaries showcase your logo, brand and colours with the design quality you desire.

  • Full Colour
  • 300gsm Artboard with Gloss Laminate on 1 side
  • Your Unique Artwork
  • Option to print on reverse side also
  • Accessorise with a Cover Protector
Berry Street - Teacher Diary


The diary we print is your diary. Accordingly, you get to choose what goes in it. Include all the content that is important to your school and its students.

  • Add as many as you like
  • Greyscale or Colour
  • Located in the Front and/or Back of the Diary
  • Must be in sets of 4 pages
Berry Street Student Diaries


Our long list of Standard inclusions make our BSEM Diary not very Standard at all !

  • 200mm W x 255mm H in Size for Optimum Writing Space
  • Full Colour Positive Education Resource Pages at the beginning of each month
  • National and State Public Holidays
  • Week to View layout – 1 week over 2 pages
  • Wellbeing Tips
  • Positive Education Exercises
  • Parent and Teacher Comments
  • Year to View Calendar
  • Notes pages
  • Full School Year Daily Diary layout including Holidays
Diary Photo


There are numerous spiral bound diary accessories you can add to your diary that are practical and useful.

Below are our standard accessories. If you don’t see what you are after simply let us know as we are sure we can offer it.

  • Cover Protectors
  • Plastic Sleeve
  • Book Marks
  • Sticker Sheets
  • Plastic Jackets
  • Rulers


Below are a select number of pages of our BSEM Student Homework Diaries.


If you require more information, please do call or feel free to chat with us at any time.

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